Become a Billet Family

The South Island Royals are reaching out to all Minor Hockey families to request your help to place our boys with families that have a passion for hockey and that may be interested in billeting.

Becoming a Billet Family has been a long standing tradition in Hockey. Hosting a player in your home gives opportunities to AAA hockey players that range in age from U15 – U18 to compete at the highest level possible. While pursuing these hockey opportunities, many players are also completing high school, enrolled in post-secondary education or working part-time jobs.

As a Billet Family you will provide:

  • A clean, smoke-free, welcoming home that a player will feel comfortable in
  • A private room with a bed and good mattress
  • A private desk/workspace for homework
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Support of team rule enforcement including curfew, community engagement, academic standards, etc.
  • The same guidance and attention you would want for your own children (given they were in the same situation)

Billeted Players:

  • Must follow all team and host family house rules and show respect for other host family members
  • Must take care of their room, including keeping it clean and doing their own laundry
  • If not attending classes, players are encouraged to seek part-time employment and/or be involved in the community

Billet families also serve as authority figures, role models and extended family to their assigned player(s). While hosts receive a monetary honorarium to help off-set some of the costs, the true rewards are in the lasting relationships that are developed.

Note: All successful applicants will be subject to a Criminal Record Check.

If you are interested in becoming a billet family or require further information, please contact the South Island Royals General Manager Johann Cherry at